This is a game like competition Started By Staryte as Entertainment. Read it careful in order to get a good understanding about it.

A Monthly honest is a member who has many votes from the other members, Administrators select six members who wish to compete to be Monthly Honest, and they are voted. The one who gets many votes will be selected and Displayed as the Monthly Honest.

The Monthly Honest has his/her own Forum where he/she will start his/her own topics and other members will add replies.

Each Topic started by Monthly Honest is displayed in Staryte Home Page and in Staryte Facebook page so that it is visible to anyone who visits the website.

The Monthly Honest will be displayed in homepage of whole website and in forum main page and on the right side of every user profile , he or she is like your monthly President. To be selected by the administrators to compete you should meet the following conditions:

1.       You should be at least at a sergeant level.  levels are according to your forum posts see the picture below.


2.       Your avatar/profile picture should not be empty. Any member without avatar will be ignored.

3.       You should be a good Forum participant.


   The following will make the Monthly Honest to be Removed before his/her retirement time.

1.       To remove avatar and leave it empty

2.       Not logging in for 7 consecutive days

3.       Not starting any topic in his/her Honest Forum for seven days

4.       Using abusive language in any Forum or adding any nude pictures.

To be Monthly Honest you have many advantages like, to be familiar with all Staryte members, to get a wide chance to promote yourself and anything you need to promote, people will know more about you including your carrier, education etc.if you are not a member register now to enjoy this

The Monthly honest will last for 30 days then others are voted. Voting period start on 25th day so that up to the 30th day another Honest will have already been obtained.

You are allowed to participate again and again even after retirement.

All 12 retired Honest are going to be voted each end of the year to get a Honest of the Year.

For more question about this, feel free to contact us.


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