HOMEWORK 1. 7 PRE- STD 7 for 6B

HOMEWORK 1. 7 PRE- STD 7 for 6B

1. If 90 pupils can finish a certain job in 35 days, how many days will it take for 75 pupils to finish the same job?

2. The ship has enough stock of food to feed 500 people for 30 days, if 100 more people join the crew, for how long will that food last?

3. 11 labors can work on a job in 104 days, if 2 more people join the group, how long will it take to complete the job?

4. There is enough food for 750 students for 24 days, for how long will 360 students consume the same amount of food?

5. It takes 12 days for 16 machines to finish the particular task, if the task is required to be completed in 8 days, how many machines should be used?

6. The contractor hired 90 workers to construct a road for 35 days how many workers will finish to work in 50 days?

7. If 18 masons can build a wall in 14 days, for how many days, can 28 masons build that wall?

8. 33 cows feed on a food supplement in 12 days, how many cows can eat that food on 9 days?

9. 200 person can excavate a pond on 25 days, how many additional persons are needed if the pond is to be excavated in 20 days?

10. 16 persons need 56kg of rice in one week, how much rice will be needed by 24 persons in 4 weeks

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