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Longitude and time TC5228ARTC


In this article I'll show you the simplest way of calculating time of different places in the world.

Read each question carefully and follow its solution.


Qn # 1:

When it 8 am GMT what will be the time in East Africa?


Before you start, you have to know the longitudinal location of each place given in the question. From our question:

The longitude for GMT is 0°

The longitude for East Africa is 45° E


Step 1:

difference in longitude = 45° – 0° = 45°


Step 2:

Convert the difference obtained in step 1 into time:

1° = 4 minutes then,

45° = 45° x 4 minutes = 180 minutes = 3:00 hours.

Now we have difference in time which is 3:00 hours.

Either we take (i)  8:00 – 3:00 or 8:00 + 3:00

Which operation is required above?

You have to know where you find the time of. From our question we need the time of East Africa.

Step #3

Simply draw their longitudes to locate and come up with the following method:


After location, use your left hand fingers such as index and middle fingers to find out what operation is required. Simply write addition sign(+) on the ridge of middle finger and subtraction  sign(-) on the ridge of index finger as shown below:

Then put your hand below the illustration to find out what operation is required as shown below:


From our illustration above we need the time of East Africa and our finger shows addition operation


Step # 4

So the Last step is to apply the operation:

8:00 + 3:00 = 11:00

From 8 am to 11:00 also will be a.m because it is still morning

Answer: 11:00 am

More questions to come................ be patient

*********** END OF PART TWO ************

Feel free to ask or comment down here:

*********Mr. Yahya M (Badshah)

 Part 1 (Latitudes and Longitudes).

****TC5228ARTC *****

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